Let the blogging begin!

Fall is coming!  This is the time of year that I enjoy the most for making images.  The color show of nature will stretch on for many weeks depending on the location, especially with the changes in altitude that you find in the Sierra.

The eastern side of the mountains is so vertical that you can make your way up and down in elevation quite quickly.  So it is a go to location for many of the landscape photographers in the area.  Especially down in the southern end where the highest peaks in the lower forty eight states rise extremely quickly!  Looking up from the Bishop area of the east side is awe inspiring.  Especially with fall colors.  

One of the places that has been on my radar for years is an area around Bishop Creek.  A mixture of quaking aspen and cottonwoods allows those of us looking to capture the beauty of fall to move up and down the elevation for colors stretching from red to green, and all the colors of orange and yellow in between.

This year may be a bit more difficult.  A lot of the reaches of the eastern Sierra are smoke filled if not just out right burning!   The California wildfire season stretches on.  And control of some of the fires seem to stretch into the unforeseeable future.  So while the colors come out, the photographers may not.

This seems to be an appropriate time to give a shout out to those putting their lives on the line fighting the fires.  These selfless souls have been not only battling flames, but wind and excessive heat as well!  They have saved countless dwellings, but also souls that were cut off while spending time in the back country of the Sierra.  Truly people of valor.

So as these fires rage and we think of our time in the fall keep these great heroes in your thoughts.  I know I will as I attempt to make images in the Sierra wonder of fall.

Take care, stay safe.  Peace!